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 DISCOVER WORDS… REFLECTIONS is a monthly blog series, the first Wednesday of every month, that focuses on readers and the discovery of words. All blog posts written by Shannon Muir. This month shares her thoughts on summer reading escapes.

A lot of people stock up on reads for the summer. They think that there will be more time to read in this season than any other, such as while on a train or plane, or perhaps lounging by a pool or beach. I tried doing this a couple of times myself this summer, with varying degrees of success.

I think what worked best for me were when I decided to tackle short stories. They took small amounts of commitment, and I didn’t have to struggle where I left off when some time passed between chapters. With novels, things became more challenging, especially when I couldn’t read on a daily basis. I even tried experimenting with audio books, but it didn’t really seem to help.

Still, I think anything that motivates people to take the time to plan to read more is a good thing! Hope those of you who had summer reading goals were able to meet and perhaps exceed them.

Until next month!

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