It has been an interesting last few months. Not long after my prior post, my job that I had been at for over five years as an employee ended. In some ways this was not so great, but in other ways good because it freed me up to be able to attend several library conferences.

In June of 2023, I attended both the California Library Association conference and the American Library Association conference, and done student poster presentations at the school receptions. In July of 2023, I will be attending parts of the Librarian and Educator track at San Diego Comic-Con.

And that’s just in person.

Virtually, I have done a poster presentation in Second Life for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference in March 2023; that experience was what was featured on my poster for both the CLA and ALA receptions as I weighed pros and cons of the virtual environment. Also in July 2023, in conjunction with people I have been volunteering for through the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium, we recently did presentations in Second Life and in Kitely about the Virtual Worlds Community Database they are maintaining using Airtable.

It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride for my first year in the world of Library Science as I see the infinite world beyond books, and hope for more to come.

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