From snippets of scenes to complete short stories, get glimpses inside Shannon Muir’s creative mind every Saturday as INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS SHORTS are featured, with new content by site administrator Shannon Muir. Pay attention and comment on your favorites to see if they can become longer works!

This is not so much a short story excerpt, but rather guidance as to the future of the SHORTS concept.

Going forward, the SHORTS experience will be part of my Patreon experience,  where new snippets will be provided weekly with the challenge of my seeing what story comes out of my snippets by the end of every month. It may make sense, it may be nonsensical.

The concept is based in part on the genesis of the novella A SPONTANEOUS KIND OF HOLIDAY, which started inspired by some discarded items I saw on the road, and then building a story around what kind of events would lead to them being discarded. It then grew into something else.

In that respect, I’m not sure what will be delivered every month, but I’m hoping you’ll support me with a $1 minimum a month to be part of that adventure.

The one based on the four snippets provided until now will be the September 2017 story for Patreon. Going forward, all snippets and complete stories will be Patreon-only. For this initial release, the snippets are here as a teaser and will be re-shared on Patreon.

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