SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS BETWEEN THE PAGES column is a place for administrator Shannon Muir to share whatever topic may be on her mind for the month. This column is in a special slot this month but will also be the last one in the blog format for now.

I headed into 2019 with a lot of plans. In fact, I started to do a whole series in a different site column about planning our goals. By summer, good intentions would be railroaded and everything needed to be re-evaluated. That doesn’t just mean this blog, but every aspect of my life.

My goal that I stated last fall is that I would be up to speed by this month. I’m close but not quite there. By February, it is my goal – but I can’t promise – that all will be worked out.

As a example, I will be doing a SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS VIDEO MAGAZINE for the end of the month, but it will basically re-iterate what I have said here on the site for those that only catch up that way instead of being another full-fledged edition similar to Holiday 2019’s as I had hoped.

I look forward to being with you next time in the Video Magazine as this column moves there exclusively to see if it works better in that format.

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