Photo Credit: Guy Viau, Guy Viau Photography (Los Angeles, CA); Hair: Deanna Maag, Salon Lujon (Fullerton, CA)


Some of you may know me as Shannon Muir, from my work in animated television on shows such as INVADER ZIM, EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS, JUMANJI: THE ANIMATED SERIES, or SAY IT WITH NODDY. You might also know me from the Neopets and PetpetPark websites, my appearances on podcasts such as LET’S VOLTRON or CATCH DA CRAZE, my writing available through Amazon or Smashwords, or for my author website where you can learn more about my writing in non-academia.

What you may not know is that I am also starting a new adventure studying for a Masters of Library and Information Systems at San Jose State University, and as part of that adventure, I have revived the blog and brand that first featured my love of books – SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS.  The definition of what constitutes books and storytelling has changed over the years, and I think this brand better encompasses that more so than any time in the past.

Welcome to this new adventure!


Shannon Muir Broden