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DISCOVER WORDS FROM INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS focuses on reflections of the power of words in all aspects of life, both written and spoken, and their influence. DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG is a limited run blog series on these topics. This installment offers an introduction to past incarnations of the DISCOVER WORDS concept before DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG and where it is headed in the future as part of INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS.

DISCOVER WORDS began as a sister blog to INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS, dedicated originally to highlighting excerpts and special sales only. However, once a major crash destroyed the contents of both blogs, the branding would be combined into INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS where it became used for blog posts and video log features promoting “the discovery of the use of words, not necessarily written, in a variety of contexts”.

The collection of videos produced to date can be seen on YouTube and Periscope. There are no plans for additional videos at this time.

This week’s feature contains a selection of old blog posts from the prior site to give you a flavor of the diversity of DISCOVER WORDS… THE BLOG, and a taste of what you might see in the future. Return for more every second and fourth Monday of the month starting in August 2017!



originally published August 11, 2013

Recently, in pursuit of a little research for a short story project, I visited several used bookstores. It’s always interesting going into used bookstores when you at best have a vague notion of what you need, or at least so I’ve found.

What I needed was to find materials featuring female leads written in the pulp era. Didn’t find a lot of that, but learned to my amazement that there were women suspense writers in the early part of the 20th century (as in, as early as 1910 for some titles, though these are reprints in the 1950s). Personally, I thought that was really cool. Found a couple of reprints of these titles and brought them home to check out.

For more information on these two authors, check these Goodreads links –




In the end, I’m not sure if they’ll help me spark interest in my project or not. However, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from taking a look at them, and at the very least be inspired. Looking forward to find out what I see as I discover words…




originally posted June 2, 2013

A wide variety of offerings appeared on the Exhibit Hall floor at this year’s Book Expo America at the Javits Center in New York City. Not only were the major North American publishers on hand, along with smaller presses, but a wide variety of international books stood out – from Mexico (the guest of honor), to China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and many others. The types of books on hand ranged from novels to cookbooks, young adult novels to children picture books, comic books and media-tie in product, and more. Digital publishing featured in an entire area, bringing in a mix from the people who publish the content to services that allowed users to take the reins and join the ranks of the self-published. The Exhibit Floor really showed how diverse the concept of content has become and the many ways in the 21st century that people can discover words.



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